The Cross: more than a story

I love the season of Easter. It’s a period of deep introspection for me. I’m glad the season typically doesn’t come with all the hullabaloo of festive seasons that distract us from the essence of the matter. No new clothes (Yes, I still buy Christmas clothes for myself. Why not!) No travel plans. No hours spent slaving in the kitchen trying to make the perfect fried rice and chin-chin for guests who by the way also made fried rice and chin-chin in their homes. Gotta love Nigerians and our stereotypes, but I digress.

Firstly I relish the much-needed holiday away from site visits, clients, figures, price lists, dimensions and every other thing that makes up my daily 10am to 6pm routine. I love that I can spend most of the holidays indoors, lost in my thoughts, reflecting on the crux of the season; our Lamb slain.

I spent a part of this holiday season preparing lesson notes for Easter Sunday for the kids I teach in Church. The topic reads “The Easter story: Jesus died on the cross”, but as I reflected on the lesson, thinking of captivating ways to tell the story to the kids, it hit me hard that the lesson of the Cross is more than just a story. It’s the greatest show of Love ever! It’s simply overwhelming thinking about a love so selfless!

John 15:13 accurately summarizes the story of the cross; “Greater love hath no man than this…“. I’m glad that I’m loved by the greatest love of all time. I’m grateful for the perfect sacrifice. I’m thankful I’m loved by our good good Father. I’m thankful for the cross!

I leave you with the lyrics of the song, For the Cross by Bethel Music. Enjoy.

The life You gave
Your body was broken
Your love poured out
You bled and You died for me
There on that cross
You breathed Your last as you were crucified
You gave it all for me

Hallelujah, what a Savior
Hallelujah, what a friend
Hallelujah, King forever
We thank You for the cross

There in the ground
Sealed in the darkness
Lifeless laid
The frame of the Father’s son
In agony
He watched His only Son be sacrificed
He gave it all for me

But on that day
What seemed as the darkest hour
A violent hope
Broke through and shook the ground
And as You rose
The Light of all the world was magnified
And You rose in victory

Hallelujah, it is finished
Hallelujah, it is done
Hallelujah King forever
We thank you for the cross!