Gratitude February – Day 18

Today I’m thankful for…


I took the day off work today, just to get some rest! I have a few outstanding vacation days from last year and I intend using them all! When you work at a fast-paced organization or team it’s easy to feel like things won’t go on smoothly if you take some time off, but trust me you’re not indispensable.

I fell into this trap last year, putting off my vacation days because I didn’t want to return to a backlog of emails and tasks.

I understand that it can be hard to take time off work when you don’t get paid days off, or have to pick that additional shift for extra income. I pray that if that’s your current situation this season passes quickly and you can take that much-needed break.

This year I’m prioritizing rest and taking days like these just to relax on the couch and watch cartoons with my little bestie, publish a blog post, do a little cleaning, and listen to some audio books (I struggle to enjoy audio books by the way). And it’s okay if I do return to a backlog of emails and tasks, la vie continue!

What are you thankful for today?

2 thoughts on “Gratitude February – Day 18

  1. Rest is good. You’ll come back refreshed and everyone will be happier for it.
    I’m thankful that we no longer have to put in a mask even in public places. What a breath of fresh air!💃🏻💃🏻


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